The Joe Schmo Show Reality Show Review

The Joe Schmo Show is a comedy reality T.V. series. This type of show might sell in the Philippines for Filipinos love to watch reality and comedy shows. Combining those two together it will create a chart topping show. In order for the show to be funny they sometimes use stereotypes, which is categorizing a group of people. They labelled an Asian girl as the smart one, the blonde girl as the flirty one, the black man as a hunk guy, and many other stereotypical labels. Abusing a person with disability or PWD will never be right. Life already gave a burden to them all you can to do help is understand them. Sex and violence is very evident in the show. They do it in a manner that will make the audience think it is not a serious and heavy issue instead it is funny and light. That is why I would not want to watch this show again for watching this shows means that I promote this kind of stupidity. This is the type of show where you will not learn any valuable lessons and will only make your attitude worst.


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