The Joe Schmo Show Reality Show Review

The Joe Schmo Show is a comedy reality T.V. series. This type of show might sell in the Philippines for Filipinos love to watch reality and comedy shows. Combining those two together it will create a chart topping show. In order for the show to be funny they sometimes use stereotypes, which is categorizing a group of people. They labelled an Asian girl as the smart one, the blonde girl as the flirty one, the black man as a hunk guy, and many other stereotypical labels. Abusing a person with disability or PWD will never be right. Life already gave a burden to them all you can to do help is understand them. Sex and violence is very evident in the show. They do it in a manner that will make the audience think it is not a serious and heavy issue instead it is funny and light. That is why I would not want to watch this show again for watching this shows means that I promote this kind of stupidity. This is the type of show where you will not learn any valuable lessons and will only make your attitude worst.


Media Review


The FHM magazine with the beautiful Marian Rivera on the cover shows us that issue is focused on Marian and Marian only. The text on the side is written in small fonts unlike other magazines. Even the name of the magazine does not out shines the sexy actress. The editors do not want to sell this magazine for the articles instead they want to sell this because of the pictures inside. Basically this shows that the most important thing in this magazine is the girl on the cover.


R.E.M. – Imitation Of Life (Official Video)


R.E.M.’s song Imitation of Life proved that songs which made no sense could be imprinted in the minds of the mass. I could compare the rhythm of the song to what indie music sounds today. I believe that the reason why we could not understand the song is the writer’s point of view of life. He/she could not understand how life works so it reflected to his/her lyrics. Sadly I could not appreciate the beauty it holds for I came from a very different generation.


Imitation of Life by R.E.M. music video creates a whole new view to how a short video could be used in various ways. I think that the video represented the lyrics of the song for same as the lyrics is was also confusing. There were a lot of elements in the video that will make your brain work and not be bored. I loved how the director focuses on every single move each actor makes. The details put to the video was up to perfection.