Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy Movie Review

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy is a movie about how everything works behind the scenes in a news set. Long story short it shows how the male population dominated the industry specially in media. The movie talks about how Ron Burgundy’s life works. Ron Burgundy’s life represents every single person who dedicates their lives for their job.


To get the news, the media always roam around the city to observe their surroundings then report if there are any untoward incidents. They do researches and interviews to gain knowledge on what is happening and shares it to the community.

The movie made a love scene and it shows that sex is a one of the most exciting things that could happen in your life. They have done it in a way where it is filled with rainbows and unicorns so it could be more appropriate for the young audience.

Same as the movie, everybody in the news room always feels tensed whenever they go live for everything needs to be perfect in order to convey the right news and to be the top rating news program.

The movie, Anchorman, had invaded the mind of the mass for up till now, even if the movie was done in the year 2004, people still remembers some of the lines and how Ron Burgundy has a horrendous attitude. “Actually, I’m not even mad that’s amazing” (Anchorman, 2004).