Tales from the Crypt: The New Arrival Episode Review

Tales from the Crypt is a 1990’s series which features fictional horror stories. The whole series is based on the gruesome E.C. comic books of the 1950s. It aired from June 10, 1989 to July 19, 1996 on HBO for seven seasons with 93 episodes that lasts between 22-29 minutes.

Video of Tales from the Crypt – The New Arrival

The episode our class watched was The New Arrival which is a story about a psychiatrist trying to help a mother whose daughter is ill-mannered. The whole experience for me was quite disappointing for I had high expectations for this episode. This episode was known as one of the most frightening episodes in Tales from the Crypt from the reaction of the class we were not satisfied by it. It might be because of the old age of the film. There were no excellent graphic animation by that time so it affected the overall horror factor of the film.

Comparing this episode to short horror films today you could see a huge difference. Short horror films now focuses on being realistically horrifying even if the story is going to be shallow. While Tales from the Crypt shows that a good horror story is not all about the jump scares but how the story was constructed to perfection.

I would recommend this episode to people who is not a huge fan of jump scares in horror stories. On the other hand, I would not want to recommend it to people who does not gets scared easily with horror stories. Overall this experience a opened a new discovery for me.


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