Advertisement Review

Breeze Philippines video: The Good Experiment


Not only the Breeze advertisement made a mark on my memory but also in my heart. It was the first time that a commercial made me cry. It showed how there are still kids who still bothers to help the elderlies. How happy and proud a parent can be to know they have grown a kid with good values. The one who has a pure and innocent heart often helps for short kids will not think twice before lending a helping hand.

Even though the commercial was executed marvelously I would still not buy the product. It did not show any relevance, other than the dirt and mud their uniform acquired, to the product it is selling. If only the goal is to make the audience remember the commercial and and not the product’s use then they made a great job.



Before You Exit – Soldier (Official Music Video)


Soldier by the band Before You Exit was written by Connor McDonough, Riley McDonough, and Toby McDonough which are the  members of the said band. You are not alone. That is the shortened version of the meaning of the song. No matter what type of challenges life throws at you always remember that all those challenges will make you a better person. Everything is going to be okay. Now you may experience a lot of difficulties in life but sooner or later you will be able to taste the sweetness of life. Basically, this song is dedicated to everyone who feels that they are not wanted, that their life is useless.

Many people, Especially teens, nowadays experience depression. It maybe caused by stress, high expectations, over thinking, and many other reasons. It is alarming that the depression rate among teens from 15-19 years old are increasing rapidly. That is the reality that this song constructed.

Since the growing rate of depressed teens are growing the band Before You Exit created this song to their fans rather everybody to never let the challenges you face bring you down. This song became the medium for them to convey a short but meaningful message that gave us hope and that there is always a rainbow after the rain.

It is not surprising that this song became my favorite. As cheesy as it sounds I felt like they are really talking to me and they are right beside me. Whenever life drags me down this is one of the songs that gives sunshine to my life. This song reminds me that there are people out there that genuinely loves and cares for me. It is one of those songs that made a huge impact in my life.

The fact that they made the music video even though the song was not a single or an extended play showed that not only my life was changed by this song. They said that they received a lot of heartfelt letters and they ought to make a music video out of it. The music video gave a whole new life to the song. Using only the sense of hearing, the song already touched my heart so when they created the music video, I knew that this song will forever remind me that there is still hope.

The Joe Schmo Show Reality Show Review

The Joe Schmo Show is a comedy reality T.V. series. This type of show might sell in the Philippines for Filipinos love to watch reality and comedy shows. Combining those two together it will create a chart topping show. In order for the show to be funny they sometimes use stereotypes, which is categorizing a group of people. They labelled an Asian girl as the smart one, the blonde girl as the flirty one, the black man as a hunk guy, and many other stereotypical labels. Abusing a person with disability or PWD will never be right. Life already gave a burden to them all you can to do help is understand them. Sex and violence is very evident in the show. They do it in a manner that will make the audience think it is not a serious and heavy issue instead it is funny and light. That is why I would not want to watch this show again for watching this shows means that I promote this kind of stupidity. This is the type of show where you will not learn any valuable lessons and will only make your attitude worst.

Media Review


The FHM magazine with the beautiful Marian Rivera on the cover shows us that issue is focused on Marian and Marian only. The text on the side is written in small fonts unlike other magazines. Even the name of the magazine does not out shines the sexy actress. The editors do not want to sell this magazine for the articles instead they want to sell this because of the pictures inside. Basically this shows that the most important thing in this magazine is the girl on the cover.


R.E.M. – Imitation Of Life (Official Video)


R.E.M.’s song Imitation of Life proved that songs which made no sense could be imprinted in the minds of the mass. I could compare the rhythm of the song to what indie music sounds today. I believe that the reason why we could not understand the song is the writer’s point of view of life. He/she could not understand how life works so it reflected to his/her lyrics. Sadly I could not appreciate the beauty it holds for I came from a very different generation.


Imitation of Life by R.E.M. music video creates a whole new view to how a short video could be used in various ways. I think that the video represented the lyrics of the song for same as the lyrics is was also confusing. There were a lot of elements in the video that will make your brain work and not be bored. I loved how the director focuses on every single move each actor makes. The details put to the video was up to perfection.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy Movie Review

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy is a movie about how everything works behind the scenes in a news set. Long story short it shows how the male population dominated the industry specially in media. The movie talks about how Ron Burgundy’s life works. Ron Burgundy’s life represents every single person who dedicates their lives for their job.


To get the news, the media always roam around the city to observe their surroundings then report if there are any untoward incidents. They do researches and interviews to gain knowledge on what is happening and shares it to the community.

The movie made a love scene and it shows that sex is a one of the most exciting things that could happen in your life. They have done it in a way where it is filled with rainbows and unicorns so it could be more appropriate for the young audience.

Same as the movie, everybody in the news room always feels tensed whenever they go live for everything needs to be perfect in order to convey the right news and to be the top rating news program.

The movie, Anchorman, had invaded the mind of the mass for up till now, even if the movie was done in the year 2004, people still remembers some of the lines and how Ron Burgundy has a horrendous attitude. “Actually, I’m not even mad that’s amazing” (Anchorman, 2004).

Tales from the Crypt: The New Arrival Episode Review

Tales from the Crypt is a 1990’s series which features fictional horror stories. The whole series is based on the gruesome E.C. comic books of the 1950s. It aired from June 10, 1989 to July 19, 1996 on HBO for seven seasons with 93 episodes that lasts between 22-29 minutes.

Video of Tales from the Crypt – The New Arrival

The episode our class watched was The New Arrival which is a story about a psychiatrist trying to help a mother whose daughter is ill-mannered. The whole experience for me was quite disappointing for I had high expectations for this episode. This episode was known as one of the most frightening episodes in Tales from the Crypt from the reaction of the class we were not satisfied by it. It might be because of the old age of the film. There were no excellent graphic animation by that time so it affected the overall horror factor of the film.

Comparing this episode to short horror films today you could see a huge difference. Short horror films now focuses on being realistically horrifying even if the story is going to be shallow. While Tales from the Crypt shows that a good horror story is not all about the jump scares but how the story was constructed to perfection.

I would recommend this episode to people who is not a huge fan of jump scares in horror stories. On the other hand, I would not want to recommend it to people who does not gets scared easily with horror stories. Overall this experience a opened a new discovery for me.